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The key to the most accurate analysis possible is collecting very extensive raw data and that is exactly what we do. We record movement data in a variety of ways, from optical recording to triangulation in 3D space. But in order to be able to understand human movement in detail, you also have to look inside the body, which we do with a non-invasive tissue imaging solution. This whole lab can hardly be felt on you and it records all this data while you work on new maneuvers, tricks or your overall technique.

3D pose estimation

We capture your motion in 3D. Rely on markerless image based capturing as well as on the additional triangulation features of our wearables. See the progress on the journey towards your optimal movement skills.

Tissue Monitoring

Realize your strength with our tissue monitoring solution. It captures the muscle innervation, the motion of tendons and ligaments. You can also detect the ratio of muscle and fat tissue.

Structural Health Monitoring

Our expertise in multimaterial sensor integration makes your component feel to the core. This is key to capture reliable Human- Machine Interaction data.


After you’ve gathered all of this data, it’s very important to put it into context and interpret it, your motor cortex does this billions of times a day. The Motor Neutral Engine (MNE) does this magic for us. It can even predict movements with almost no latency. To achieve this goal, our Neural Engine is a huge cloud-native system which has its computing power directly at the network nodes. Only in this way the Motor Neural Engine can be a worthy sparring partner for your Motor Cortex.

Motion profiling

Our raw data forms a unique data model which describes human motion like never before. We deliver advantage through knowledge with our AI powered analytics and automated reports.

edge cloud computing

Our cutting edge low-latency lab-in-a-box is powered by edge-computing. It stays with you wherever you go providing you with realtime feedback.


The more training data our neural engine receives, the more precise it will be able to interpret motion sequences and predict them even better. As a consequence, you too will constantly improve your movements and you will get an unbeatable team with our solution. In the next step you will be able to share your tricks with your friends without losing sight of the data, your movements are a valuable part of you! You decide whether you want to keep these Valuable Data to yourself, share it or even distribute them under license.

Motor Neural engine

The Motor Neural Engine is the brain of the system. It enables on the fly multi modal feedback to support you while you are learning and acquiring your new skills and tricks.

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